Green Beauty: Krin's Nightly Beauty Routine (Yes, It's Spray Tan Safe!)


Green Beauty

Glow Girl Approved

Krin is Mollie's right hand lady at Glow Lounge! She manages our three stores and handles brand relations, social media, and marketing for The Glow Lounge!

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1. First up is the crowd favorite One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing Oil. Give yourself a one-minute facial massage to destress while you remove make up and dirt. Rinse face. This product replaces make-up removing wipes, but don't worry! That loss is your gain. If the tan on your face typically fades faster than the rest of your body, consider the Vitamin B oil your new bff.

2. Step 2 for me right now is a pea size amount of Gingerly Organic Shower gel. This is a perfect, non-stripping cleanse that doesn't leave you feeling dry, which is my biggest concern transitioning to fall.

If you're a Minnesota girl you understand that nightly routines change seasonally and also during certain times of the month (πŸ˜’). A fave for fall is the One Love Organic's Brand New Day Scrub/Masque and honey for a DIY deeply hydrating face mask. 

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3. After a gentle pat dry, I spritz the Vitamin D mist like I'm Beauty Bets I use this several times a day - in the AM and afternoon when my face needs a little wake up. 

4. Skin Savior. The Multi-Tasking Wonder Balm. The name says it all. Your skin will be dewy and glowing like βœ¨πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ’•

5. I finish off with Vitamin E Eye Balm around my eyes and HenneΒ΄ Organic Lip Balm.

I sleep easy knowing my skin is hydrated and happy and these green godesses are protecting my spray tan.


Glow For Good Melanoma Awareness Party

glow for good the glow lounge

 5% of every single tan purchased at The Glow Lounge in May was donated to the Melanoma Research Foundation. 

May is nationally recognized as Melanoma Awareness Month.

Each year during the month of May The Glow Lounge raises awareness for skin cancer education and prevention. The Glow Lounge Minnesota's first 100% UV free tanning salon specializing in heat-infused custom spray tanning.

To help spread the word about our #glowforgood campaign, some of our favorite people got their glow on and joined us for sips and small bites in our Edina salon. 

We enjoyed sandwiches and salad from the always delicious Agra Culture (our favorite is the Harvest Salad!) Our girl Amy at Amy's Cupcake Shoppe whipped up some delicious lemon and coconut mini cupcakes for dessert. Laura Rae aka the life of the party made us all smile, and then captured the moments so delicately. After photos, and more champagne, we gave away a Minny+Paul gift box. 

We are so thankful to have friends like these, that stand by us through thick and thin, who are willing to fight the good fight against skin cancer. 

Melanoma Awareness month may be over, but we promise to continue promoting a sun safe lifestyle. With warmer weather here to stay, now is the perfect time to choose healthy tanning alternatives and #GlowForGood
So what do you say, are you in?! Tag us in your photos for a chance to be featured on our page!

All of the photos in this post were generously donated by Laura Rae Photography, you can check her out on Instagram here.

Melanoma Awareness Month - Check Yourself

The ABCDEs of Melanoma

May is nationally recognized as Melanoma Awareness Month. Learn how to check yourself for the signs of melanoma using the ABCDEs of Melanoma from the Melanoma Research Foundation.  This May 5% of every single airbrush session will be donated to MRF!

A - Asymmetrical Shape

Melanoma lesions are often irregular, or not symmetrical, in shape. Benign moles are usually symmetrical.

B - Border

Typically, non-cancerous moles have smooth, even borders. Melanoma lesions usually have irregular borders that are difficult to define.

C - Color

The presence of more than one color (blue, black, brown, tan, etc.) or the uneven distribution of color can sometimes be a warning sign of melanoma. Benign moles are usually a single shade of brown or tan.

D - Diameter

Melanoma lesions are often greater than 6 millimeters in diameter (approximately the size of a pencil eraser).

E - Evolution

The evolution of your mole(s) has become the most important factor to consider when it comes to diagnosing a melanoma. Knowing what is normal for YOU could save your life. If a mole has gone through recent changes in color and/or size, bring it to the attention of a dermatologist immediately.

These characteristics are used by dermatologists to classify melanomas. Look for these signs: Asymmetry, irregular Borders, more than one or uneven distribution of Color, or a large (greater than 6mm) Diameter. Finally, pay attention to the Evolution of your moles - know what's normal for your skin and check it regularly for changes.

If you see one or more of these, make an appointment with a dermatologist immediately. Need more information? Be sure also to check out our pictures of melanoma. Please note that not all melanomas fall within the ABCDE parameters so visit your dermatologist regularly to catch any potential issues early.

This information is from the Melanoma Research Foundation

For more information please visit