Meet Mollie

Mollie-Tilly-Headshot, Jeannine Marie Photography 0104.jpg

Mollie is everyone's best friend within the first 5 minutes of meeting her. Besides being easy to talk to, quick to laugh, and genuinely kind, she started up a spray tan salon that now has 3 locations. She's a girlboss with heart.

Speaking of heart, Mollie's was stolen long ago by her husband and BFF, Danny. Mollie adores her beautiful English mastiff, Tilly, who has kind of become the unofficial Glow Lounge mascot. Mollie loves traveling, delicious food & wine, and Netflix marathons (especially Gilmore Girls and 30 Rock).

Mollie's been airbrush tanning for 8 years. Launching The Glow Lounge was a huge dream of hers for quite some time before she finally set up camp on France in Edina about 5 years ago. Every day since, she's enjoyed getting to know the incredible people that come in and out of the salon. Mollie has been so excited to see it grow and see a healthy glow help people feel confident in their own skin.