Melanoma Awareness: Mrs. Minnesota's Story

Our skin is an organ. An actual organ. A high-roller among greats like the heart, lungs, and kidneys. You know, those guys. It’s easy to forget that, isn’t it? But just like you and I, it deserves to be treated right! Nothing but a totally customized, tailored, and intentional approach will do.

We’re excited to have Allison Crandall, Mrs. Minnesota of 2015, share a little bit about her story and battle with Skin Cancer.

I'd been a licensed esthetician for 10 years when I noticed a spot on my upper thigh that looked odd. But instead of following for myself the advice I would have given anyone else, I resisted going in to get it looked at. I was scared. I ignored it hoping it would go away.

In February 2015 I competed for the title of Mrs. Minnesota and was given that title. I went on to compete for Mrs. United States and finished in the top 15. As part of my year as Mrs. Minnesota, I was given the opportunity to work with Dermatology Consultants, a clinic in Eagan. Part of the protocol in working with them was obtaining a full-body check-up. During that check-up, they noticed the spot on my upper thigh. They got me in for a biopsy the same day and recommended immediate removal of the spot; it was stage 0 melanoma. I went in for surgery and we got it removed. Thankfully it was confirmed that the melanoma hadn't spread yet.

To think, a 10-minute check-up could have been the difference between life and death for me.

I recommend regular doctor visits to test for melanoma. Minnesota is one of the leading states for Melanoma. We have such a high population of individuals of Scandinavian descent and those who have blonde-hair, are blue-eyed & fair-skinned tend to be most at-risk. Everyone can get it though, so it's so worth it for everyone to get check-ups and make healthy decisions to prevent contracting Melanoma.

Skin Cancer is a pressing issue facing our world today. It is the most common form of cancer in the United States. "One person every hour dies from Melanoma", says Allison's doctor, Joseph J. Shaffer. You can find more about Allison's story including coverage featured on Fox9 on the Dermatology Consultants website. 

Because we are so passionate about skin health, we’ve partnered with Melanoma Awareness, a local nonprofit dedicated to furthering the message of Skin Cancer prevention. All May-long, 5% of every tanning session will be donated to this incredible cause. Help us spread the word by tagging #GlowforGood on social media.

Glow Lounge tans give us that sun-kissed skin that makes us feel at our best and helps us rock a more confident vibe, and we LOVE that. But ya’ll... we care about you so we’re gonna get a little real for a minute and share another reason. To choose a GL tan is to choose cancer prevention. Using UV beds boosts the chance of contracting deadly skin cancer by 75%. Just not worth the risk! Especially when there are healthy options just around the corner! Listen to Allison's story. Love your body. Love yourself.

Because this stuff matters, we’ve got the ABC’s of Skin Cancer for you:

Visit your doctor if you notice moles or growths that:
-are (A)symmetrical
-have irregular (
-(C)hange in
-have a (
D)iameter larger than the size of a pencil eraser
E)volve in size or thickness

Remember, precautions are worth it! Spread the word with #GlowforGood!


Your #helloglow fam <3