A Summer Afternoon in St. Paul

Ever feel like you get to know your travel destinations better than your own backyard? We're all about being tourists in our own town. We love our Grand Avenue neighborhood all the time, but there's something extra special about it in the summertime.

Today we'll take you on a tour of a summer afternoon spent in some of our favorite spots around St. Paul. We ventured out with the lovely Kate & Kelli of Simply Beaming, freshly donned in a couple of spray tans. 

First stop, Quixotic Coffee. We love the lattes here. And the nitro brew is on another level. Also, don't forget to try the chia pudding!

Next, stroll the historic neighborhoods. Summit is the most touted, but don't forget Cathedral Hill & just south of Grand on Lincoln, Goodrich, Osceola streets. Lots of beautiful homes with darling gardens and charming architectural features that make it feel like you're walking on a movie set.

Third, satisfy your sweet tooth with ice cream from Grand Ole Creamery! Every flavor is amazing,  but we really love the Cookie Monster. Just walking in you'll know that you simply must have a waffle cone. They are extra tasty here.

To finish up the afternoon, pick up some fresh blooms! Kowalski's had a colorful display outside that we were drawn to right away. Whether being planted in the yard or placed in a vase on the kitchen table, we say the more flowers the better!

Happy St. Paul Summering, all!

Photos by Isabel Kruse