A Summer Afternoon in Excelsior

photo of  Madi Reimer  by  Beth Cath

1. Step into Buck and Fir to shop some Venice Beach style attire. They carry a lot of Free People (one of our favs). We love the carefree cool girl vibe of the clothes and accessories here.

photo of Kaylee Groves & Adlee Kay by  Beth Cath

photo of Kaylee Groves & Adlee Kay by Beth Cath

2. Treat yourself to ice cream from Licks Unlimited. You can’t go wrong with any of the flavors. Always say yes to the homemade waffle cones. Yum!

3. Spruce up your space with fresh flowers from Excelsior Florist. It's nestled in the heart of downtown in an old-world style stone-faced building and has been a family-owned business for the last 30 years and counting. We had a lovely time chatting with one of the florists there and she helped put together the most magical custom bouquet of green and white blooms for us on a whim. 

photo via  The Glow Lounge  Instagram

photo via The Glow Lounge Instagram

4. Order up the Bitter Apple Strawberry Salad at Jake O’Connors and prepare to be impressed. It’s so fresh and the chicken is real tender and tasty. We like to sit outside on a nice day!

5. Stock up on all things nautical and classy at Brightwater Clothing & Gear. The items are high quality and the brands carried thoughtfully selected, including Gitman Bros., Patagonia, Fairbault, and J.W.Hulme Co. to name a few. So many dreamy leather goods. You can expect warm, attentive service when you arrive, with great advice on what products work for you.

photo of Alex Kubick, Mary Slaughter, & Liz Berg by  Beth Cath

photo of Alex Kubick, Mary Slaughter, & Liz Berg by Beth Cath

6. Kick back and relax on the dock and watch the yachts go by. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get an invite to go for a cruise in one ;-)

7. Because coffee really is hardly optional, you can find a good iced latte at Patisserie Margo. Take home some macarons too! They’re homemade and absolutely everything you want in a little afternoon indulgence. We’re also obsessed with the sailboat cookies!

8. Pick up some artistic home pieces and one-of-a-kind accessories from Golden Rule. The shop is curated to perfection. Have an upcoming intimate event taking place? See if they’ll give you a tour of the upstairs space... it’s unreal, feels like it’s straight out of Real Simple magazine. We shot our summer content from there with photographer extraordinaire, Beth Cath.

9. Start planning your next trip at Pique Travel. It's not your average travel agency. The designers are extremely knowledgeable, and salary-based (not commissioned) so you can trust their recommendations are unbiased and customized to your interests. We love attending the Travel Speaker Series events. It's fun to talk voyages with fellow adventurers.

10. Scout out the iconic "I <3 you" wall mural. Snap a pic and tag it on Instagram with @excelsiormniloveyou.

There is so much more to do and see here! We hope you'll take a peek around our new neighborhood. And don't forget to schedule an appointment at our Excelsior salon. You'll love it!

With love,
The Glow Lounge