Green Beauty: Krin's Nightly Beauty Routine (Yes, It's Spray Tan Safe!)


Green Beauty

Glow Girl Approved

Krin is Mollie's right hand lady at Glow Lounge! She manages our three stores and handles brand relations, social media, and marketing for The Glow Lounge!

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1. First up is the crowd favorite One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing Oil. Give yourself a one-minute facial massage to destress while you remove make up and dirt. Rinse face. This product replaces make-up removing wipes, but don't worry! That loss is your gain. If the tan on your face typically fades faster than the rest of your body, consider the Vitamin B oil your new bff.

2. Step 2 for me right now is a pea size amount of Gingerly Organic Shower gel. This is a perfect, non-stripping cleanse that doesn't leave you feeling dry, which is my biggest concern transitioning to fall.

If you're a Minnesota girl you understand that nightly routines change seasonally and also during certain times of the month (😒). A fave for fall is the One Love Organic's Brand New Day Scrub/Masque and honey for a DIY deeply hydrating face mask. 

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3. After a gentle pat dry, I spritz the Vitamin D mist like I'm Beauty Bets I use this several times a day - in the AM and afternoon when my face needs a little wake up. 

4. Skin Savior. The Multi-Tasking Wonder Balm. The name says it all. Your skin will be dewy and glowing like ✨🙌🏽💕

5. I finish off with Vitamin E Eye Balm around my eyes and Henne´ Organic Lip Balm.

I sleep easy knowing my skin is hydrated and happy and these green godesses are protecting my spray tan.