What to wear to your spray tan

We get asked all the time what to wear after getting sprayed and we have put together the perfect guide to share with you all. In a perfect world here are the best options for the ideal spray tan outfit.




The Don'ts

- White/light colors or dry clean only fabrics like wool.

- Tight fitting clothes

-Leggings, bras, socks, other tight clothes are not recommended as they will probably cause faint lines in your tan.








The Do's

- Wear dark clothing, loose fitting clothes

- Washable fabrics are recommended because our solution has a bronze tint

- Shoes that allow your feet to breathe, no socks or tight strappy sandals.








Consider the Weather

- If it's raining or snowing, be sure to bring an umbrella to your appointment

- Wear closed toed shoes or boots if it's snowing, raining, etc.

- In general, avoid leggings, socks, bras, tight and strappy clothing and shoes as it may cause lines in your tan. 

-Cover your skin, water is the enemy, you will have polka-dotted results if you get splashed or dripped on. If you get rained on while developing, rinse entire body immediately.