5 Step Spray Tan Prep

We are committed to providing the best experience while delivering a flawless result, but tanning prep and post care make a huge difference in getting the longest lasting spray tan. Here's how to prepare for your spray tan for the most natural looking results!

1. Exfoliate thoroughly Your tan will look best on clean, residue free skin.  The coveted Dermasuri Exfoliating Mitts will help loosen and remove dead skin cells, revealing a fresh, even layer of skin to apply color to.  Taking a bath the evening prior to your tan is recommended, a relaxing soak will aid in removal of skin cells and makes shaving easier, too. In a rush? No worries, an organic shower gel and a loofah all over is an effective way to prepare.  Dermasuri Mitts are available in store and are what we recommend for removing any lingering spray tan color from prior session.


2. Shave the night before with a new razor. We love Cocovit's coconut Shave Balm.


3. Avoid applying any lotions or liquid-based solutions to your skin after showering before your appointment. That will create a barrier between the skin and make it more difficult for the tan to sink in. This includes in-shower lotions and creamy shower gels like Olay and Dove.

4. Make sure to get any wax, hair, & nail appointments in before your spray tan appointment. Opt for organic or spray-tan friendly products prior to the tan to ensure your skin is clean before tanning. 


5. Plan to stay dry while the tan develops, and pack dark, loose-fitting clothes & flip flops or slippers to wear home from your session. For more info on what to wear to your spray tan, you can check out this post.

All ready for your tan? So are we! You can book your next session here!

With Love,
The Glow Lounge