Products We Love: Brand New Day

It's a new's a new's a new liiiife for me and I'm feeling good!

There are products out there that need their own little shout out. So here we are.  I’m here to give you the dish on the skin care products that rock my world. No, these posts are not sponsored. This is real, untainted opinions that come from experience and straight up old fashioned judgement. 

Without further adieu I introduce the honoree for today... *drum roll*

Brand New Day by One Love Organics



Brand New Day 3 Ways

For a hydrating mask

mix equal parts powder and raw honey.  apply to damp skin, and leave on for 10-15 mins.

exfoliating mask

mix equal parts powder and water.  apply to damp skin, and leave on for 10-15 mins.

clarifying mask

mix equal parts powder and greek yogurt.  apply to damp skin, and leave on for 10-15 mins.



Girl. Brand New Day is THE microderma scrub + mask. 

Brand New Day does double-duty as a scrub and a mask.  The mask/scrub comes as a very fine powder     (read: not paying for water.) . It's made from sweet pea flower which seems cute and will buff away that dull, bummed out skin and leaves a fresh glow.

The best part is that this product can be used for all different skin situations.  When you're feeling dry it can be mixed with honey to hydrate.  The powder can br mixed into your current facial cleanser to give it a little more uumph.  Some favorite combinations are listed above, but the possibilities are limitless.

Want to exfoliate all that dull, dry skin away? 

Put a dime size amount of powder into your palm and add only a small amount of warm water to blend into a nice creamy paste. Massage onto your damp face using circular motions and rinse it off to reveal smoooooooth skin!  Have a fresh glow?  Mix less powder for a gentle cleanse.  See? This stuff is the best!

Have fun masking!

-The Glow Team