Spray Tan Preparation

Tips + Tricks to getting the most natural + long-lasting Glow

We offer a natural and healthy looking tan, without harmful uv rays. our eco-certified organic sugar beet solution is customized for each client and applied with warm air by a friendly + skilled technician this ensures a natural glow every time. 


Day Before

Shower, Shave, Exfoliate

Use and exfoliating mitt or shower gel + loofah to remove dull dead skin prior to your session. Because our tan works with your skin's natural lifecycle, which lasts between 7-14 days, we want to to start out with fresh, clean skin for the longest lasting results.

Check Your Products

For the life of your tan (an in general) we recommend using products that are spray tan safe. The harsh chemicals and ingredients in many common brands will be harmful to the tan, and your skin. 


So, what does "spray tan safe" mean?

  • Sulfate free soap / shampoo.

  • Mainly natural and organic ingredients.

  • No mineral oil, petroleum, petrolatum in your makeup or moisturizers.

  • No Dove - it doesn't play well with your glow.

  • Avoid artificial fragrances and colors, the alcohol dries out the skin.


Day Of Appointment

Come to the appointment with fresh, clean skin.

For ideal results, always use sulfate free shower gels and soaps. The Gingerly Organic Shower Gel is non-stripping and won't leave a reside that can affect your tan. We also recommend sulfate-free shampoo, because it comes into contact with your skin in the shower.

Refrain from using any lotions or cream

Our solution absorbs best on clean, dry skin. If you are feeling tight or have flaky skin, try the PRE moisturizer/pH balancing spray.


The tan will take between 2-12 hours to process. It is imperative to stay dry the entire development time for full results. For quicker development, we recommend the accelerator or "express tan" add-on.


After Your Tan

after care

We offer a variety of spray tan safe products in our studios, including Gingerly, our signature natural and organic products. These products are intended to help maintain your results.

  • In your first shower, use just your hands and a gentle soap, like the Gingerly Organic Shower Gel.

  • Avoid exfoliating for 5-6 days.

  • At the end of your shower, pat your skin gently, do not rub the skin while it's wet.

  • Moisturize with the Gingerly Nourishing Body Creme, or a natural oil, like jojoba or shea butter.

  • Wear sunscreen, every day.

  • Avoid retinol and salicylic acid, chemical or acid peels after your tan.